‘Earth Day should be everyday’


Some of the activities in progress during the festival

He was speaking during the launch of a youth festival held on Sunday April 22 to commemorate Earth Day, celebrated every year on that date.

The activities took place on the grounds of the Catholic priest house at Port Glaud.

Representatives of different environmental organisations such as Wildlife Club of Seychelles, Sustainability for Seychelles and Global Vision International organised activities to make the day interesting and to educate the youths. The parish priest Father Eric Leon was also there.

Dr Payet told the youths present that “every day we need food, energy, water and air to live. None of these resources are available in infinite amounts, rather we are asked to manage and conserve them in the wisest possible way”.

“In these challenging economic times compounded by continuous pressure on our environment, let us continue to respect mother earth. Let us continue to pursue sustainability in everything that we do.”

The youths present at the festival took part in a variety of interesting activities both on land and at sea. There were kayaking and snorkeling lessons and those who were not too keen to get their feet wet were able to learn more about wildlife protection, recycling and traditional plants through various exhibitions. The day’s programme also included environmental workshops, raft making, environmental games as well as drama.

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