Assembly committee stresses need for responsible media


“Our support in your role as watchdogs has never been more real, as both the media and the legislature have oversight role over public interests,” says Speaker Patrick Herminie.
The media committee has pledged to work with the media industry in Seychelles to continue to strive for better deals for the industry but also to help educate the population on the need for responsible media in Seychelles.

“We need greater participation of the media industry in public affairs, but we also need responsible media. The balance, delicate as it may be, is important for an emerging democracy such as ours,” the media committee says.

“This year’s theme, ‘21st Century Media, New Frontiers, New Barriers’, could not have been more relevant to Seychelles as we continue to find the balance between traditional media practices and emerging ones especially on the social media front. The time to act is now, to ensure that as we reap the benefits of 21st Century Media, we also safeguard our social, economic and moral interests,” says the committee.



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