Marie Ladouce celebrates her 100th birthday


Mrs Ladouce on the day of her 100th birthday

Mrs Ladouce was born on La Digue on May 2, 1912 and is the mother of two daughters – Eugenia Lafortune and Marie-Ange Ladouce.

The centenarian now lives with Miss Ladouce at Le Niole, where the ceremony was held.

A special mass was organised whereby Father Guy gave Mrs Ladouce blessings.

Father Guy celebrating mass for the occasion

Guests at the event included Designated Minister Vincent Meriton, Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean-Paul Adam, who is also the central committee member for Bel Ombre, the district’s member of the National Assembly Galen Bresson and district administrator Pharisianne Lucas.

Just like other centenarians, Mrs Ladouce received her medal, shield and a hamper of goodies.

Mrs Ladouce, who has worked on many islands, said she is happy to have turned 100 and has no regrets.

She has six grandchildren, eight great grandchildren and 12 great great grandchildren.

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