Chess: Beau Vallon Challenge-Experienced Tai Chi take it all


The players in a family photo

A record seven team registered for the tournament which brought together family members and friends in a convivial atmosphere and togetherness, rather than the spirit of competition only.

Boasting some very experienced players, most of them with the taste of the biennial Chess Olympiad, Tai Chi – Benjamin Hoareau, Pagul Pillay, Arnold Mein and Gervais Cupidon – gathered 17 points to finish first, ahead of Awesome – Ajay Andre, Dericka Figaro, Chamith Kukule and Sachith Kukule – who finished second with 13.5 points.

Host BV Boys, comprising Timothy Kate, Yannick Lucas, Dylan Renaud and Dave Blackburn were third overall with 11 points, ahead of The Musketeers, comprising Eli Louise, Vince Hallock, Darren Low-Hong and Ted Hallock who were fourth with 10 points.

With 8.5 points, Royal – Ryan Joseph, Jesee Eulentin, Ryan Cupidon and Rachelle Hoareau – finished fifth overall, ahead of Cobra’s Shaddy Adam, Angelo Bistoe, Jean-Pierre Botshare and Macy Botshare who finished sixth overall with 6 points.

The competition in full swing

Benjamin Hoareau of Tai Chi was the best male player with five points, while his sister Dericka Figaro who played for Awesome received the trophy for best female player with four points. With five points, Arnold Mein of Tai Chi was the best boy player, while Jesee Eulentin was the best girl.

The organisers wished to express their sincere thanks to Beau Vallon district administration office and all the parents and friends for their support.

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