President Michel and opposition leader discuss national issues


President Michel welcomes Mr Pierre at State House

Mr Pierre expressed his concern to the President about the rising cost of living in the country.
President Michel also said he was concerned about this issue and that the government would be taking measures to mitigate the effects, and provide the assistance to those who are most affected.

President Michel and Mr Pierre also discussed at length the need to create structures to place people who are unemployed into jobs that are available, and boost employment in various sectors.

The leader of the opposition spoke to the President about his motion in the National Assembly to create a salary review commission, and his efforts to improve conditions for government workers through legislation.

Mr Pierre also asked the President whether the security clearance system exists for employment. President Michel clarified that this does not exist, and that there is however a police clearance procedure.

The President and the leader of the opposition concluded the meeting by agreeing that there is a need to maintain stability in Seychelles while the economic turmoil in the world continues to develop, and that everyone needs to work together as a nation to ensure stability in order to safeguard a secure path for the development of the country.
Mr Pierre late rtold the media that his discussions with President Michel were “open”.

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