Seychelles makes waves at Abu Dhabi travel show


This is an annual event which the council has been organising for the past eight years and this year, the Seychelles was represented by Aliette Esther, tourism attaché at the embassy of the Republic of Seychelles in Abu Dhabi. 
Seychelles cooperated with Salem Holidays of Abu Dhabi at this ATTAC Travel Show.

The objectives behind organising such an event is to give the public the chance to view, and be aware of, the various holiday destinations, travel packages and special offers in the market, prior to planning their summer vacation.

The exhibition provided Seychelles with the opportunity to showcase the different products and services it has to offer to the general public, and allowed the Seychelles representative to interact directly with prospective visitors, especially before the summer season and Eid breaks.

Ms Esther said that she will continue to intensify the marketing efforts to increase the awareness in Abu Dhabi of Seychelles.

“I will continue to communicate the message that we are safe, eco-friendly and very much the secluded destination, which is what a lot of people are looking for nowadays.  Seychelles is well-connected with daily flights from the Middle East and all nationalities are welcome to our shores, as visas are not required,” Ms Esther said.

Dick Esparon, Seychelles’ ambassador to the U.A.E., accompanied by his wife Vivienne Esparon, paid a visit to the 8th ATTAC Travel Show in Abu Dhabi. They said they were both very impressed by the turnout at the Seychelles stand.

The U.A.E. is well-known for its shopping malls and Abu Dhabi Mall is rated as one of the most popular retail venues with both Middle Eastern nationals and expatriates alike.

Hosting the 8th ATTAC Travel Show there was considered a well-chosen venue.
This location provided great exposure to a wider audience and different segments of the potential UAE market.
Last year the event attracted more than 50,000 visitors and this year the organisers are expecting a much higher turnout.

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