New eye clinic aims for quality and innovation


A patient undergoes an eye examination at the Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital

Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital opened its doors to the public last Thursday, and on that first day alone, well before lunchtime, had already received almost a dozen patients seeking its services.

With over 50 years of quality eye care services and with clinics in countries like India, Nigeria and Mauritius, Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital is now in Seychelles – based above Dr Murthy’s clinic at Lodge Street – thanks to a partnership with Dr Murthy’s Medical and Gastro Clinic.

The facility caters for a range of treatments for eye disorders, such as cataract surgery, diabetic related eye ailments, vitreo-retinal disorders, glaucoma and also offers child eye care services.

The clinic also sells branded frames, lens and sunglasses in its optical shop.

“Our major objective is to spread quality, innovation and best eye care to the people of this region,” said the assistant general manager of the clinic, Roshan Lewis.

“We also have a very good relationship with the Ministry of Health and we have discussed possibilities of joint ventures in the future, especially where eye surgeries are concerned.”

He also stressed on the affordability of the clinic’s services and said it plans to create eye care awareness in various ways such as patient counselling, scientific sessions for doctors, talk shows for the public and also free eye screening camps, which is a popular event in India.

“We will not only treat patients, but will take time to educate them on proper eye care,” said Mr Lewis.

Starting with once a month, and depending on demand, an eye specialist will fly in from Mauritius to carry out more specific eye treatment.

Patients who previously had to travel to India for eye surgery, now have to only go to Mauritius and the clinic is also looking into the possibility of eventually being able to have eye surgeries done here in Seychelles.

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