Swimming-Young swimmers receive certificates after completing holiday classes


The first group was from the Takamaka primary school after they concluded two weeks of classes at the Anse Royale beach. Their training sessions were organised by the Sports for All unit in the National Sports Council, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

The Takamaka pupils with their instructors at the Anse Royale beach

The programme was initiated to familiarise the Takamaka pupils with swimming, as they do not have a safe location to practice the sport during the term.

Out of the over 50 students who took part in the sessions, more than half were previously non-swimmers.

According to the instructors, the classes went smoothly and all the students were motivated and happy to learn.

Plans to have another training programme during the next school holidays have already been initiated.

The other group of young swimmers to receive certificates on Friday was from the two-week ‘Learn to swim’ classes organised during the school holidays at the Roche Caïman swimming pools.

The ‘Learn to swim’ graduates showing off their certificates

The classes are oganised to allow the youngsters to be comfortable in the water, as we are surrounded by the sea.

A total of 79 students followed the sessions which were held on six levels – water confidence level 1, water confidence level 2, 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars and 4 stars. Out of the 79, only 45 students passed the course and the instructors noted that there was a poor turnout, compared to previous classes.

Allen Kimai

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