Letter to the Editor-Sports in schools


I remember for years, through my tennis involvement, I have been trying to get the Ministry of Education to do precisely this. I rejoice that it is now going to be done as it is a step in the right direction. There is certainly no better way to decentralise sports, which I favour, than to get children in all our district schools to practise sports.

From the schools, it will inevitably spill into the community benefitting it in so many ways. We can never emphasise sufficiently the importance of sports in helping each and every child  grow up healthily in body and mind and keeping them away from bad influences.

We know very well that the health of a nation is hinged to a large extent on sports participation by its citizens. To give it that special impetus, it is necessary that we get it started in schools not only for enjoyment and recreational purposes but more particularly to help identify talent at an early age and provide the necessary training for one to compete successfully in regional and international competitions, thus bringing pride and prestige to our nation. Such is the ultimate target and hopefully one day, we can be referred to as a great sporting little country.

John L. Adam

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