Le Rocher lagoon hit with sewage overflow


As a matter of precaution, the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) is discouraging people to do activities like swimming and fishing in that lagoon after sewage from the Le Rocher sewerage pump overflowed into the lagoon yesterday morning as a result of a technical problem, the PUC wrote in a press release sent to Seychelles Nation yesterday.

The release adds that the Le Rocher sewerage pump is the heart of the PUC’s sewage system, taking in sewage from the whole of central Mahe and although it has encountered problems in the past this is the first serious incident registered.

The PUC wishes to reassure members of the public that it has already rectified the problem at the Le Rocher pump and is taking steps to reduce further such occurrences.

It adds that it has also notified the public health department and the department of environment whose officials visited the site yesterday afternoon and are yet to comment on the incident.

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