Chairman Charles wants to decentralise Ju-Jitsu


A Ju-Jitsu class in progress

Speaking to Sports Nation, Michel Charles, who was recently re-elected chairman of the Seychelles Ju-Jitsu, Sambo and Wrestling Federation, said during the two years of its existence the federation has managed to introduce the art to the general public and has attracted over 45 members, including some who were practicing different style of martial arts from other clubs.

Mr Charles explained that they have also trained several members up to the rank of Sensei (teacher) so that they can spread the art at district level.

He added that they are also targeting international exposure in neighbouring countries, including exchange of training programmes.

During his new two-year mandate, Mr Charles will work alongside Jude Raoul who replaced Philip Philoé as the association’s vice-president, secretary Peggy Robert, treasurer Jean-François Adeline and ordinary members  Andy Pelissier, Vivienne Dodin, Philip Philoé, Harry Rose and Ben Surman.

For those interested in taking up Ju-jitsu, training sessions are held on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Roche Caïman community centre.

Meanwhile, head instructor Philip Philoé left the country recently to attend several seminars in France, Thailand and Abu Dhabi.

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