Partners in Learning Forum 2012 officially opened-Teachers showcase innovative projects


Mrs Delcy addressing the gathering at the opening of the forum yesterday

The PiL Seychelles forum is a national event organised by the Ministry of Education with the support of Microsoft Corporation and other local partners. It is held annually, giving teachers the chance to showcase their innovative projects, share ideas and create or join communities of practice.

Teachers are also rewarded for using innovative approaches to enhance teaching and learning by carrying out information communication technology and 21st century skills.

In her opening address, Education principal secretary Merida Delcy said the Ministry of Education has made the commitment to support innovative approaches to education, provide professional development for teachers and help schools to gain better access to technology.

“Through the PiL programme, this year we have been able to acquire licenses for software for all our educational institutions, and will provide training for teachers and school leaders in ICT skills and innovation,” she said.

“We must empower every teacher with the tools and resources to understand and engage every student at their own pace, in the right place, and in a way that allows them to achieve their greatest potential.”

To help students realise their full potential schools should aim to create opportunities where students can share innovative ideas, projects and collaborate with peers in other schools, she said.

Mrs Delcy said there is a need to have a dynamic education infrastructure that is reliable, secure and inter-operable, that can adapt to current and future needs as the imaginations of educators and students demand.

She added that the ministry is also working on a replacement strategy for obsolete equipment and to upgrade the existing ICT facilities in the computer rooms and offices of all schools.

In addition to this it is important that we also relook at the internet connection in all the educational institutions to ensure that no school is disadvantaged and our teachers and students can have reliable internet access to online resources and support.

In line with its programme to promote innovative use of ICT, the Ministry of Education also plans to hold its first ICT fair in August this year.

The fair will be open to all teachers and students who wish to take part where they will have the chance to showcase their ICT projects and be rewarded.

During the ceremony, head of Plaisance primary school Cyril Pillay gave an overview of the school’s experience as a pathfinder school.

Microsoft has created a programme called Pathfinder schools as an initiative for schools to share and develop models and assets to help students achieve their full potential and create collaborative communities of leaders.

The teachers presented their projects and a panel of judges has used a list of criteria to decide the best ones.

A special ceremony was held in the afternoon were the teachers received their awards and certificates.

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