Shine-Up Metal offers innovative polishing and buffing services


Polishing a car’s rim – a job which requires patience and skill

Labiche’s company, which is already licensed to operate, says they see that there is a market for such a service in Seychelles.

“The majority of buildings in Seychelles have railings and depending on the type of metal used, with time, they will become dull and we are aiming to keep them looking nice, so if it’s metal and dull, we’ll polish it,” he said.

“Metal polishing exists in many countries and in Seychelles it should also be seen as important, since we live on a coastal area and metal objects tend to become dull or rusty sooner or later due to the salinity, if left exposed to the open air.”

Although there are already individuals or companies that offer metal-polishing services in Seychelles, they offer it as a secondary service alongside others, while Shine-Up Metal focuses specifically on polishing metals and so apply all their expertise to the trade.

Using a grinder to remove the rougher edges before the fine tuning begins

Mr Labiche says they work with all types of metals but find it easier to work with stainless and semi stainless steel, hard-plated metals, chrome, bronze, gold, copper and silver.

“Depending on the type of job, one does not even need a machine and can do it by hand, but sometimes one needs to bring in big tools to get that extra smooth, shiny finish,” he said.

“There’s actually a lot more to polishing metals than simply rubbing it with a piece of cloth.

One has to know about stuff like buffing speed and pressure, appropriate sizes of sandpapers, types of wheels and buffers, compounds and liquids and other tricks of the trade.”

When asked whether he sees a ready market for waxing cars, Mr Labiche said that for him, car-waxing is a secondary service that his company offers.

“We are not targeting cars primarily but yes we can cater for cars, and we go all the way to ensure customer satisfaction,” he said.

Shine-Up Metal is a mobile service, which can move to any location it is needed and is available from Monday to Saturday and can be reached on 2514891.

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