Productivity Awareness Week launched-‘Bouze, Annou Travay’


The aim of the week is to create more awareness among the population on how to be more productive as a nation and how to achieve this goal.

Present at the launch were Vice-President Danny Faure, Designated Minister Vincent Meriton, Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Herminie, ministers and other government officials and representatives of various organisations.

Minister Alexander addressing guests at the launch of the Productivity Awareness Week

In her opening address, the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development Idith Alexander said the decision to initiate a Productivity Awareness Week comes as a result of the growing challenges in labour productivity which organisations face today.

She said the outcome of this week will be taken into schools, workplaces, youth organisations, and other bodies and the civil society to take it to the national level throughout the year.

Miss Alexander said the population needs to embrace a culture of hard work and to be self sufficient.

“Increasing productivity has to emerge as a new national priority where the efforts of all converge to accelerate the process of economic growth and raise the standards of living of our people,” she said.

She said her ministry will work closely with the Ministry of Education and the University of Seychelles to build a skilled and talented workforce, responding to the needs of the labour market.

Miss Alexander added that the ministry will also work with the Agency for Social Protection and other partners to introduce ‘back to work’ strategies to encourage people who are able to work to join the labour force.

She said this is in line with President James Michel’s call at the official launch of the Social Renaissance symposium for each individual to shoulder our social responsibility.

She added that the ministry will also strengthen its connections with international organisations.

Miss Alexander also launched a one-day conference which aims to consider in depth the issue of productivity and to come up with new initiatives to enhance it at individual, organisational and national levels.

Also addressing those present were secretary general of the Seychelles Federation of Workers Union (SFWU) Antoine Robinson and Michelle Labrosse, assistant executive secretary of the Federation of Employers’ Association of Seychelles.

Mr Robinson said the SFWU is calling on all workers to realise that the country’s economy is built only through the hard work of individual workers irrespective of their place of work.

“We call on employers not only to wait on national wage increments to enhance salaries but to sincerely initiate negotiations with workers on the cost of living,” he said.

Mrs Labrosse said the theme calls for all stakeholders to relook at the leadership, attitude, work ethics and human content in management
She called on the Union to continue to educate and advise their membership on the importance of social economic development.

During the ceremony, those present had the chance to watch a short video on productivity and best practices, and enjoy a song ‘Bouze pa kale’ by local artists Jean-Marc Volcy and Antoinette Dodin.

Among other activities to mark the week is a productivity workshop which will take place from May 15 to 17 at the Seychelles Institute of Management.

A public speaking competition under the theme ‘Prodwir plis pour plis rannman’ will be held on May 24 at the National Theatre Mont Fleuri for all secondary and post secondary schools.
The theme Bouze, Annou Travay will replace the Leve Debrouye theme.

In an interview with the media, principal secretary for labour and human resource development Veronique Bresson said the theme Leve Debrouye launched in 2009 has been taken to the next level, hence the theme Bouze, Annou Travay.

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