Retiring bus drivers thanked for long service


VP Faure welcomes Messrs Boniface and Dodin at State House

Marc Boniface and Gabriel Dodin, both 63 years old, have spent 34 years with the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (SPTC).

Vice-President Danny Faure met the two drivers at State House on Friday where he thanked them on behalf of the Seychelles government for having worked in the public sector for so long and wished them success in their future endeavours.

Also present at the meeting were the SPTC chief executive Geffy Zialor and the public administration principal secretary Jessie Esparon.

Mr Boniface said he chose to be a driver because he wanted a job where he could work independently.

”At SPTC you get your working schedule and as long as you do your work as you are told, it is quite easy,” he said.

He added that when he started as a driver back in 1978, the situation was not as good as it is today.

“Passengers were very difficult and some did not even want to pay the fare and cases had to be brought to the police.”

“There were no buses, we had those big trucks with benches and there were loads of pot holes on the roads,” Mr Boniface said.

Mr Dodin started off as a controller and after nine years he became a driver.
He said to become a bus driver one has to be very responsible and disciplined.
He has urged the youths to join the SPTC.

He added that he has been involved in minor accidents and sometimes such things are expected in the profession.

Both drivers, who are always assigned on routes in the south of Mahé, have been asked to remain with the SPTC for another year before retiring.

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