Congratulations to Seychelles Partners in Learning forum winners


The winners in a souvenir photo with principal secretary Merida Delcy

The aim of the forum is to recognise and reward innovative teachers who practice the elements of 21st century learning in their own classrooms, and then incorporate these skills into the student learning environment.

At the opening ceremony, education principal secretary Merida Delcy said “the focus for the development of 21st century learning is directed on empowering teachers to help every student realise their full potential.”

To help students realise their full potential schools should aim to create opportunities where students can share innovative ideas, projects and collaborate with peers in other schools.

She added that with the support of local partners, parents and the community, the Ministry of Education can continue to provide schools with the necessary resources to help teachers and students succeed, guarantee access to up-to-date resources and continuing professional development and on-line support.

During the opening ceremony, Plaisance primary school head teacher Cyril Pillay made a short presentation on the school’s experience after embarking on the Pathfinder school programme – another initiative of the Microsoft Partners in Learning programme.

During the forum, the teachers taking part in the contest were able to demonstrate and showcase the projects they have implemented at their schools and that integrate ICTs and support 21st century learning.

The judging panel of nine, which included teachers and head teachers from primary and secondary schools and education officers from the Ministry of Education, spent three days going through the individual projects before the forum.  The final judging took place on Friday May 11, where each teacher spent time with the judges to answer questions and explain their projects.

The teachers being judged
The finalists were awarded certificates according to the six categories:

. Use of ICT for learning – Asunta Julienne and Latifa Joseph from Plaisance primary school
. Knowledge building and critical thinking – Natalie Duval from Beau Vallon secondary school
. Extending beyond the classroom – Marie-Chantale Nicole from Beau Vallon secondary school
. Teacher as the innovator and change agent – Elvina Brutus and Lynn Albert from Anse Aux Pins primary school
. Collaboration – Myra Maria, Christelle Jacques, and Lindy Camille from Anse Etoile primary school
. Structure, design and evidence of learning – Natalie Duval from Beau Vallon Secondary school
Tracy Constance from Plaisance primary school also received the judges’ award at the ceremony, while the Plaisance primary school was awarded a trophy and cash prize sponsored by the Office of the Vice-President for the most outstanding performance and participation in the Partners in Learning programme.

Lynn Albert and Elvina Brutus from Anse aux Pins primary school, and Marie-Chantale Nicole from Beau Vallon secondary school were awarded second and third places among the 21 finalists at the awards.  They each received a certificate and a cash prize of R3,000 sponsored by Sacos and Vijay Construction.

Nathalie Duval of Beau Vallon secondary school was awarded first place for her project on Piracy: historical past; present threat; future impact.  She received a certificate and an IDEOS S7 slim tablet sponsored by Cable & Wireless Seychelles.

The innovative teachers who came first, second and third at the awards ceremony will represent Seychelles at the regional Middle East and Africa finals in Morocco.

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