Productivity workshop to empower local workforce


Ms Bresson addressing guests and delegates (below) at the opening of the workshop on Tuesday

The workshop, hosted by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development, forms part of activities to mark the first Productivity Awareness Week.

Principal secretary in that ministry, Veronique Bresson, officially opened the workshop in the presence of her minister, Idith Alexander, chief executive of SIM Audrey Nanon, coordinator of the Productivity Week Maryvonne Francis and workshop participants.

Ms Bresson said the objectives for the workshop included understanding and improving awareness of what productivity is and its role and significance in economic and social development.

Another objective of the workshop is to analyse some existing methods and techniques of productivity management as well as advice on how to overcome various barriers to productivity growth.

Ms Bresson said the workshop is “calling for a positive change in employees’ attitudes and behaviour at work and endless commitment by employers to foster smarter productivity approaches to create sustainable organisational performance, especially during difficult times”.

She also urged human resources and line managers to ensure that the workplace atmosphere is conducive.

“Through empowerment, people become engaged and are urged to deliver more, thus improving overall productivity,” she said.

Ms Francis said the idea of the workshop is to rope in human resource and line managers as well as supervisors from the public and private sectors and parastatal organisations and equip them with skills and knowledge in their role of promoting productivity in the workplace.

She added that plans for the future include conducting a survey to find out what factors influence and affect workplace productivity.

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