Monica Désir at Miss Deaf Africa


Monica Désir is representing Seychelles at the Miss Deaf Africa beauty pageant in Cape Town, South AfricaContestants from 10 countries on the African continent are taking part in the pageant which is being held at the Castle of Good Hope – the oldest surviving colonial building in South Africa.

At the event, the girls will do the usual parade in different costumes including evening wear.
Each contestant will also make a presentation showcasing some aspects of life in their country. Monica will be performing our traditional sega dance and show our traditional way of cleaning the house with coconut brush and locally made broom.

Monica, a hard of hearing girl (that is she can hear partially and uses a hearing aid), is a student at the School of Advanced Level Studies (Sals).

She can speak and communicate in sign language as well. She is following classes after school at the Association for People with Hearing Impairment (Aphi) which will allow her to work alongside sign language interpreters when the need arises.
Before leaving for South Africa earlier this week, Monica expressed her joy at getting the opportunity to display her talents.

“I am very excited and proud to be representing my country. I never dreamt I would one day be taking part in such an event, so I will do my very best,” she said.

Monica has described the opportunity as “a chance of a lifetime” and is encouraging her colleagues who get the chance to take part in the pageant to do so.

She admitted it was not easy preparing for the pageant and studying at the same time.
“I wish to thank my family, my school and my friends for believing in me and for supporting me,” said Monica, who also expressed her gratitude to the Aphi for giving her the opportunity to take part in the pageant this year.

Taking part in the Miss Deaf Africa will also prepare Monica to take part in the forthcoming Miss Deaf World which will this year be held in July in the Czech Republic.

Monica is being accompanied to the pageant by Aphi chairperson Anita Gardner who has been invited by the organisers.
The Aphi has expressed its sincere thanks to the Ste Anne Resort & Spa for its unfailing support.

M-A. L.

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