Ministry and SPTC join forces to improve bus use by students


Since the beginning of the second term, the ministry and SPTC officials have been meeting to discuss strategies and develop better ways to tackle issues and concerns being encountered.
The main strategy which includes primarily the establishment of a forum for students affairs section within the ministry, the SPTC and the Social Welfare Agency to ease discussions on the proper management of transportation of students.

Additionally, there have been meetings with schools on different aspects with regards to SPTC bus service to students and these include bus passes, collection points, and conduct on buses.
As a long-term measure, the two partners are in the process of drafting guidelines and procedures for the transportation of students and these will help address issues more effectively and ensure better coordination.

On its part, the students affairs unit is also working on an action plan to relook and further reinforce the processes currently in place. During the April vacation, a workshop was organised to empower school wardens on the best practices in the delivery of their services. However, meetings with schools and parents remain ongoing and will intensify throughout the term to ensure information is brought directly to the target audience – parents, students and teachers.

The Ministry of Education and the SPTC would like to make a special appeal to all parents and students to use the facilities at their disposal effectively and as per the guidelines.

Advice/ Notice for parents and students:
1. Submit bus passes on time to avoid delays
2. Respect collection times set by the ministry and the SPTC
3. Ensure appropriate conduct on and while boarding the bus
4. Parents are not allowed on school buses
5. Students must be in uniform and must always have cards or bus passes with them when boarding the bus at all times

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