Minister appoints planning authority board


Minister Lionnet, who also holds the portfolio for Planning Authority, has made the appointments under the provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act.

He has also increased the level of representation on the board whose mandate is two years.

According to a communiqué from the Planning Authority, the decision aims to make the authority more dynamic and efficient in promoting and ensuring the orderly and harmonious development for long-term sustainability of the country and to preserve Seychelles’ fragile eco-system and pristine environment.

The board is chaired by Didier Dogley (special advisor in the department of environment) and the other members are Gerard Hoareau (chief executive of the Planning Authority), Yves Choppy (principal secretary for Land Use and Housing), Patrick Lablache (consultant in the Ministry of Land Use and Housing), Patrick Nanty (chief executive of the Seychelles Heritage Foundation), Sherin Renaud (chief executive of the Seychelles Investment Bureau), Elsia Grandcourt (chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board), Wilson Nancy (managing director of RAMSON Construction), Dr Jude Gédéon (public health commissioner), Patrick Andre (representative of the Seychelles Land Transport Agency), Terry Biscornet (consultant with the Planning Authority), Gerard Esparon and Angela Servina (both staff members of the Planning Authority).

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