Churches rally in moral renaissance spirit


Praying on the first day of the event on Thursday

Tomorrow’s global day of prayer, which will last six hours (from 8am to 2pm), is the final day of celebration after four days of praying and fasting under the theme Desiring the best for our nation.

Thursday was the first day of praying and fasting at the Pentecostal Assembly, Riverside and the event was hosted by the Seychelles Evangelical Association – a growing alliance of Evangelical churches and Christian ministries in Seychelles.

 “We believe our beloved country, Seychelles, needs a divine intervention as we face challenging times,” said Robert Moumou, chairman of the Seychelles Evangelical Association, adding that the initiative of prayer and fasting is in line with the social renaissance drive.

“This is the time to come together and seek the face of God for His mercy and favour upon us as a nation,” he said, explaining that social renaissance should also be thought about in a spiritual context and not only in the physical sense.

“We believe that by going back to the old moral standards as found in the Bible we can bring about a positive transformation in the country,” added Mr Moumou.

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