Karate-SKF rewards long-serving karatekas and partners


The awards were presented to the individuals during the annual National Karate Championships held last weekend at the La Promenade Gymnasium.

According to SKF chairman, Shihan Donald Célestine, the awardees were nominated by their heads of school or branch chiefs, before the nominations were assessed by the federation.
He explained that among the main criteria of assessment was continuous involvement in the sport – both at competitive and officiating level.  Shihan Celestine added that contribution at federation level was also among the conditions for assessment.

As for the partners, Shihan Célestine said they were chosen according to contributions, as well as involvement in boosting the progress of Seychelles karate.

Below is the complete list of awardees who have been active for the past 12 to 40 years in karate.
12 years: Gretel Valentin, Bernard Thérésine, Stevens Freminot (Kimura Shukokai) and Jonathan Sam (Kyokushinkai)
14 years: Andy Allisop (Combat Tang Soo Do), Lilette Savy, Ghislaine Emmanuel (Kimura Shukokai) and
Teddy Esther (kyokushinkai)
15 years: Francis Sham-Laye, Ryan Vidot and Xavier-Bernard Sham-Laye (kyokushinkai)              
17 years: Mike Azemia (Ashihara), Ron Cadence, André Leste and Jimmy Padayachy (Kyokushinkai)
18 years: Marie-Lucy Sullivan, Jimmy Hélene (Kyokushinkai), Jocelyn Cupidon (Kimura Shukokai), Vincent Benstrong, Laina Adrienne and Marie-Antoine Radegonde (Ashihara)
20 years: James Faure (Northern Tang Soo Do)
22 years: André Lucas (Combat Tang Soo Do)
25 years: Erna Athanasius, Flavien Alphonse (Kyokushinkai), David Esparon, Naddy Banane (Combat Tang Soo Do), Francis Malbrook (Joshinmon Shorin-Ryu)
26 years: Percy Vidot (Joshinmon Shorin-Ryu), Sonny Raoul, Christopher Hoareau, Ange Valentin and Gabriel Victor (kimura Shukokai)
27 years: Bernard Cafrine (Kimura Shukokai)
32 years: Francis Françoise (kyokushinkai), Noé Gaspard (kimura Shukokai), Egbert Moustache (Ashihara)
35 years: Guilbert Albert (Joshinmon Shorin-Ryu)
36 years: Georges Cherry (Joshinmon Shorin-Ryu)
37 years: Willy Nancy (Joshinmon Shorin-Ryu), Philip Moustache (kyokushinkai)
38 years: Phillip Verghese (kyokushinkai)               
40 years: Donald Celestine (Joshinmon Shorin-Ryu)

Special awards of appreciation
Seychelles Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association,
National Sports Council,
Ms Giovanna Rousseau. 

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