‘We will always be there to support you’


Madanm Rene“We at the National Council for Children (NCC) also wish that you fulfill the dreams of your life. We will always be there to support you and help you develop and become what you want to be by promoting your rights. 

“God has given you great potentials, so try to make the best of your schooldays so that you can flower to your fullest. Enjoy every moment of your childhood; be kind and gentle, be friendly and generous, be useful and helpful, be obedient and cheerful, be sensitive to others, care for others, learn to respect others, those older than you and those younger too. Be good and do good.

Let each day of the year bring you loads of happiness, cheer, good health, fun and sunshine.
Be happy, make others happy and make the whole of Seychelles happy.
“I would like to wish each one of you a very Happy Children’s Day.

Geva Rene
Patron of the National Council for Children

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