Another feather in President Michel’s cap


Though politically both are on different fronts, when it comes to a national question this nomination reveals President Michel's far sighted vision in the interests of the nation and the pattern of reconciliatory politics that he is pursuing.

At a time when communities and politicians are adopting more and more "vindictive politics”, here our President is adopting more and more “reconciliatory policies”, thus promoting goodwill, understanding and better reconciliation in the interests of the growth and welfare of the nation.

His recent open and transparent discussions on a monthly basis with the new leader of the opposition in the National Assembly is another one of his progressive policies for the good of the country.

The President's large and liberal hearted attitude should surely move the country as a role model to follow by much more powerful and resourceful countries of the world.
Former President Mancham, also on the same wave length, should be congratulated for having the interests of the country at heart in all the global fora that he represents at a very high academic level.

V. Sivasupramaniam

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