Football-DHL joins hands in training local football officials


Mr Maillet accepting the cheque from Ms Clarisse of DHL

Referees’ coordinator in the SFF Eddie Maillet on Wednesday received a cheque worth R190,520.00 from Corine Clarisse of DHL during a ceremony held at the federation’s headquarters at Maison Football, Roche Caïman.

The money will be used for the SFF’s development programme for officials.

Present at the ceremony were SFF chairman Joel De Commarmond, Hunt Deltel & Co. Seychelles’ business development manager Christophe Larue, SFF executive members and football officials.

Accepting the cheque, Mr Maillet said it will help our officials not only to better perform locally, but will also allow them to move to international level.

He thanked all those who have been involved in making the donation possible and added that through their performances, the officials will act as true ambassadors of DHL.

On behalf of his company, Mr Hoareau said it is a pleasure to be directly involved in Seychelles’ football. He added that the gesture is part of the company’s social and corporate responsibility.

He also praised the SFF for the hard work being carried out to bring local football to greater heights.

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