Productivity Awareness Week-Individuals rewarded for active contribution


The prize giving and certificate presentation ceremony was held recently at the Seychelles Institute of Management (SIM) Ma Joie.

Activities for the Productivity Awareness Week included a one-day conference, a public speaking competition and a productivity workshop which took place from May 15 to 17 at the SIM.

Winners of the public speaking competition in a souvenir photograph with guests

Present at the ceremony were Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development Idith Alexander, Minister for Education Macsuzy Mondon and principal secretary for Labour and Human Resource Development Veronique Bresson.

Others included principal secretary for social affairs Linda William Melanie and chief executives Audrey Nanon and Geffy Zialor of SIM and the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation respectively.

The public speaking competition was held under the theme ‘Prodwir plis pour plis rannman’ and was opened for all secondary and post secondary schools.

The winning team was made up of three students from the School for Advanced Level Studies (Sals) – Estelle Montano, Farah Esparon and Nissa Bonte.

In second place was another group from Sals – Christelle Hoareau, Helvin Alcindor and Vanessa Azemia.
Grishella Ladouceur, Petra Tamatave and Demelza Philoe from the School of Business Studies and Accounting settled for third place.

Prizes were also awarded to Estelle Montano for being the best chairperson and Farah Esparon the best main speaker, and Demelza Philoe as the best proposer of the vote of thanks.

The other two teams which took part in the competition were Plaisance secondary school and Seychelles Institute of Technology. Both teams received a token of appreciation for taking part in the competition.

Those who took part in the productivity workshop also received their certificates during the ceremony.
Addressing those present, Miss Bresson said raising awareness about labour productivity is the only beginning in the process of creating a productive workforce.

The workshop participants in a group photograph with guests

“Our next step is to work towards achieving this vision in order to determine our success,” she said.
She called on those who took part in the productivity workshop to apply their learning experience in their organisations.

“It is important that you create a clear vision on productivity to help other employees understand what is expected of them and why they should be productive,” she said.

To the students, she encouraged them to share the good productivity practices with their colleagues and teachers, and urged them to be more productive at school.

Miss Bresson said the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development will continue to raise productivity awareness throughout the year and beyond.

Maryvonne Francis, coordinator of the Productivity Awareness Week activities, said there were several positive aspects but there is still a need to educate the general public on the importance of being productive.

Miss Francis said the ministry will continue to use the media as a mode to educate the population on productivity.

Billboards will also be placed in strategic locations and productivity workshops will be organised.

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