Children keep their word by running church service


Some of the children (picture top) delivering their service yesterday as younger ones (foreground picture bottom) await their turn  (Photos by Jefferson Nganga)

This time they were well-rehearsed and much more confident to face the adult congregation of the Pointe Larue branch of the Redeemed Christian Church of God who filled the district community centre.

The event was part of the widespread church’s events to mark children’s Day and took place in the presence of the organisation’s leader Maryline Camille.

Appreciative parents thanked the church’s leaders saying they are grateful that rather than leave the youngsters to spend their time with risky secular events, they have dedicated their time to train the children to what they called “near perfection”, singling out secondary school teacher Fiona Nganga “who has been with them during the tough preparation”.

“They have not only kept their word but they are also keeping the word of God which they are preaching and we see the difference even in their school work and at home,” they said, thanking the church, which has bought the child leaders special uniforms.

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