Padayachy opens fourth funeral service business


Cutting the ribbon to inaugurate the new service in Victoria

The inauguration prayer was conducted by the vicar-general, Father Edwin Mathiot.
The centre consists of two parlours, with a capacity for 80 mourners each.

The largest is the one at Mont Fleuri, next to the cemetery, open since last year which has three parlours, each with a capacity of 50.

Provision has also been made for a cafeteria to serve snacks and light beverages, along with boutiques selling flowers and prayer leaflets.

Mr Padayachy said negotiations are ongoing with foreign suppliers for cold storage facilities with a capacity of between 10 and 20 bodies.

The Bon Pasteur parlour has just one unit, with room for 100 sitting or standing mourners.
The Anse Royale funeral parlour is the oldest, being operational since 2008.

Mr Padayachy is assisted by his wife, Lisa and nephew Denis Hoareau, who is the funeral services manager.

In addition to parlours, Padayachy also sells coffins -- though that is optional -- and provides hearses to and from church and the cemetery.  


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