‘Change of lifestyle can prevent kidney disease’


Dr RenaudA visiting nephrologist, Dr Renaud was in the country from May 29 to June 2.

“A lot of that has to do with lifestyle; how we behave, what we eat, exercise routines,” he said, adding it is important to revaluate our lifestyles.

He also said there is an alarming increase in dialysis cases as well as chronic renal problems which will eventually lead these patients to begin dialysis.

He explained that the ideal situation for such patients would be to undergo kidney transplants.

“Unfortunately this costs a lot and is not done locally. Even dialysis has its costs and is done three times a week minimum.”

Dr Renaud’s visit coincides with the Ministry of Health’s campaign to raise awareness on kidney disease prevention, appropriate lifestyle and behaviour issues regarding diabetes and hypertension patients.

He said such issues can be controlled and progression slowed down if the public is educated on their condition.

Dr Renaud is a Seychellois specialist currently practicing abroad and comes to Seychelles several times a year to attend to patients who require specialised treatments.

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