Educational talks shed positively light on sharks


Students engrossed in the presentations (Photos by Protect the Sharks Foundation)

This follows a series of educational talks on the subject conducted by Geert Droppers from Protect the Sharks Foundation.

Mr Droppers is one of the many shark researchers who has travelled the world to educate people on sharks and their conservation.

During the sessions one of the foundation’s short documentaries on sharks entitled ‘Gimme a Hug’ produced by Mr Droppers and Cristina Zenato, depict mysterious facts about sharks which fascinated the students as they listened to the presentations attentively.

The documentary enriched the students’ knowledge and portrayed sharks’ behaviour in a completely different light, compared to the common human perception of them, particularly in the wake of the recent shark attacks on Praslin earlier this year.

Most students, as well as their teachers, enjoyed the documentary, which has won about 25 awards around the World and was promoted during many festivals in different countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, USA and China.

Such presentations will help students and teachers understand the nature of sharks and why they are important to bring a balance in the ocean’s ecosystem.

So far, other educational presentations have also been conducted in most schools by Save our Seas Foundation, which is another organisation that aims to educate people on the conservation of marine life, especially sharks.

The Ministry of Education takes this opportunity to thank and encourage environment education partners like Protect the Sharks Foundation and Save Our Seas Foundation for their contribution and continued support in the endeavour to educate schools on the protection of sharks and other marine life.

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