World Blood Donor Day-Minister appeals for more blood donors


This comes in her message on the occasion of World Blood Donor Day being celebrated today.
The full text of Minister Larue’s message reads:

“Year after year, the need for blood donation continues to grow. As Minister for Health, may I take this opportunity to remind fellow citizens of the importance of donating blood. I would also like to thank all donors who by their life-saving act, contribute each year to the health of their families, friends, neighbours and possibly co-workers.

“The theme this year is ‘Every blood donor is a hero’. The focus is on the idea that every one of us can become a hero by giving life saving blood. While recognising the silent heroes who help save lives everyday through their blood donations, the theme also strongly encourages more people to donate blood voluntarily and regularly. It is to those people that the World Blood Donor day is dedicated; individuals who commit a ‘heroic’ act, a gesture of human solidarity with the power to save lives.

“Therefore the World Blood Donor day which is being celebrated highlights the role voluntary blood donors play in saving lives and improving the health of thousands of people all over the world including Seychelles. This day offer thanks to those generous individuals who give this human gift without any material reward, often on a regular basis. The day also aims to create awareness about the importance of blood donation and the need for more safe blood.

“More importantly, it is a special day dedicated to celebrating and thanking the hundreds of Seychellois who voluntarily give their time and their blood and, in so doing, give the gift of life. This is an opportune time for me, as the Minister of Health to say a special thank you.

“A blood shortage is a reality and the demand for blood in our hospital continues to grow each year as more operations are performed. There is always a need therefore for more people in Seychelles to become regular blood donors. Any healthy adult can donate blood; men once in three months and women every four months.

“I am urging everyone, therefore to put special emphasis on raising the awareness of the people and mobilise them to donate blood voluntarily and benevolently. If we all do our share, many more precious lives will be saved.”

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