Toddlers festival


The toddlers having fun during the festival organised for them

Developing an early emotional connection to a caregiver is also critical for an infant’s wellbeing. Absence of such attachments can have significant negative effects on development and well being of the child.

In Seychelles children from 0-3 are most often looked after in day care facilities or as is the case for the majority by child minders in home settings. Choosing the person or setting for your child to be cared for in your absence is a very important decision. It is important that children are looked after by people and in places where the child will feel secured and protected and benefit with activities which will allow the child to thrive.

In recognition of this important phase in life and to commemorate the=is year’s National Day for Children on June 1 the social affairs department organised a Toddlers Festival with the aim of bringing children from 0-3 years together to take part in different activities. It was also an opportunity for child minders from across the country to meet each other and share experiences. Some parents were also present to learn about the different activities which they could undertake with their child to promote healthy development.

The activity took place at the Roche Caiman sports complex and was launched by the principal secretary for Social Affairs, Linda William Melanie. In her opening address Mrs William Melanie explained that the activity was one of socialisation and places emphasis on the importance of play in a child’s development.

She also emphasised the importance that government places on the wellbeing of our children through the many mechanisms in place to cater for the best outcomes for our children. The children of today are the future nurses, doctors, lawyers, ministers, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Mrs William Melanie also had a special message for parents. She urged them to allocate enough time to play with their children as it is the best time to learn to know your child, monitor their development and better protect them.  

The activity was also graced by the presence of the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development, Idith Alexander, members of the National Assembly and other government officials.


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