Karting: Endurance Race-Team SKA Lions wins Enduro 1


In one of the best Endurance events so far, 24 drivers entered making up teams of three drivers, this included for the first time three guest teams from Excel Motors, who were each headed by an experienced SKA driver.

After a slightly late start, the event got under way with a qualifying session for the starting grid position, where a team member had one lap to clock its fastest time to determine where they would line up at the start. Team SKA Mustangs took that honour with Marc Delcy clocking the fastest time to claim pole position.

There was a mad rush after the start for positions, but that soon arranged itself as everyone settled down, but as the stint changes started, positions changed drastically, as some did their changes swiftly, while others either were slow or got delayed by the slow changes ahead of them in the narrow pit lane.

With some teams paying the penalty of either A Drive Through or a Stop-Go for breaking race regulations, it was difficult to know who was leading until the race got to the end of the first hour, where Team SKA Lions of Debra Mellon, Yannick and Andrew Gabriel were leading from Team SKA Mustangs of Marc Delcy, Rennick Bonnelamme and Stephan Simon.

In third were Team SKA Leopards of David Rene, Dane Decormmarmond and Christian Portlouis. At this time Team Cheetahs of John Simon, Damien Bonnelamme and Montel Kurz who were fourth earlier had run into fuel related problems and spent the last 10 minutes in the pits for repairs which dropped them down to last.

In fourth was Team SKA Rodents, with Chan Decormmarmond, Marvin Sophie and Andy Denousse, followed by Team Excel Alpha with Peter Fred, Noel and Francis, then it was Team Excel C of Ron Fred, Ronny and Danny who were on the same lap as the sister team, Team Excel Bravo of Redman Bonnelamme, Paul and Dean.

After a different stints variation for the second hour, stint changes flowed more smoothly and the teams made up and lost a few laps with the run to the end of the race.

Team SKA Rodents had one driver who could not continue further and the team had to drop out completely.

At the end of the two hours some very tired drivers crossed the line to end this event, and after the final scores were confirmed, Team SKA Lions were declared the winner with Team SKA Leopards in second and Team SKA Mustangs third.

Thankfully the next day was a holiday and it was certain nearly all the participants would use the day to recover.

The SKA chairperson and the vice-chairman were on hand to present the top three finishers their trophies immediately after the results were declared and which brought the event to a close.

Final results:
1.  Team SKA Lions (Mellon/Gabriel/Gabriel) 170 laps
2. Team SKA Leopards (Rene/De Commarmond/Port Louis) 169 laps
3. Team SKA Mustangs (Delcy/Renick Bonnelamme/S Simon 168 laps
4. Team Excel Alpha (P Fred/Noel/Francis) 153 laps
5. Team Excel C (R Fred/Ronny/Danny) 147 laps
6. Team Excel Bravo 9 (Redman Bonnelamme/Paul/Dean) 143 laps
7. Team Cheetahs (J Simon/D Bonnelamme/Kurz) 128 laps
DNF Team SKA Rodents (C Decormmarmond/M Sophie/ A Denousse) 64 laps

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