MNAs attend ACP-EU parliamentary assembly in Denmark


 Hon. Pool and Jeannevole

The 28th African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) Parliamentary Assembly and the 23rd ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly were attended by two members of the International Affairs Committee (IAC) of the National Assembly – the deputy speaker and chairperson of the IAC, Andre Pool and Beguitta Jeannevol, who is also the elected member for Mont Fleuri.

The meetings created the opportunity for Seychelles to stress on the pertinent issues such as the effect of climate change and piracy on the economic development of our country and create awareness among parliamentarians from Europe, Africa and the Pacific.

The Seychellois delegation stated that the European Union, through the Economic Development Forum (EDF), has pledged to continue to assist Seychelles financially in various areas, namely the fisheries industry, the fight against piracy and climate change.

Another important issue discussed at the assembly was the revision of how the EDF as the main institutional focus for ACP-EU development financing, classifies countries and the kind of assistance it gives to ACP member states. The assistance given will be based on the policy of differentiation.

As Seychelles is classified as a high middle income country, the Seychellois delegation wanted more clarification about the impact of this condition on Seychelles preparation for the future national budgetary requirements.

But it was agreed that Seychelles will still receive grants or loans from the European Union.

The two meetings adopted a number of resolutions -- which received the support from the Seychellois delegation -- to bring peace and stability in Mali and Madagascar. It was agreed that there is a need for urgent humanitarian assistance for the people in the North of Mali and calling the European counterparts to avoid organising talks with the rebel group and to send a fact finding mission to the northern region of Africa.

Beryl Samson, the minister’s counselor at the Embassy of the Republic of Seychelles in Brussels, joined the Seychellois delegation at the two meetings.

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