Crèche gets new equipment


The children trying out their new toys

The gifts were handed over to crèche pupils in a short ceremony held at the school recently and attended by Mr Patel, chairman of the Seychelles Head Teacher’s Association (SHS) Cyril Pillay, teachers, parents and children from the crèche.

Mr Patel said the move is part of his cooperate responsibility to give back to the community as he has close relations with Plaisance school and will continue to do so as and when the need arises.

“In fact it was a teacher from the crèche who approached me looking for ways to brighten up the place and after all, children have to want to come to school. Which is another reason these gifts are being given,” he said, adding it is his wish to also see parents involved with improving the school environment.

Mr Patel says he will continue to support Plaisance school and the Les Mamelles crèche.

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