Couple spreads happiness by giving


Mrs Haiyan hands over the donation to Mrs Mondon

The items, a donation from Liao Haiyan and her husband, were handed over to the council’s chairperson Macsuzy Mondon in a short ceremony held at the NCC headquarters, Bel Eau.

Also present at the ceremony were the council’s director Ruby Pardiwalla and its goodwill messengers.

Mrs Pardiwalla said it is the third donation the couple have made to the establishment and that it coincided with the Happiness Movement collaborated by the NCC as well as the members’ follow up meeting to their first Happiness Conference held in May at the International Conference Centre.  

“We believe that giving also brings happiness and we think it’s ideal that Mrs Haiyan and her husband have given us these gifts at this time,” she said.

Mrs Pardiwalla also said more in-depth workshops are to be expected in future as a way to sustain and improve on the new movement.

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