Equator Institute gets new board


The new board members

The new board comprises eleven directors who have been elected for a term of two years.

The Equator Institute, a non-profit independent organisation primarily aimed at bringing together Seychellois professionals, was launched early in 2010 by President James Michel, who is also the institute’s patron.

The new board of directors is chaired by Andy Julie, who was selected by his peers. Nominees for the board were democratically elected by members of the institute who attended the AGM this year.
Other board members include Sabrina Agathine, Hubert Bouchereau, Alain De Commarmond, Nathalie Didon, Fred Hoareau, Allan Kilindo, Wilson Nancy, Paul Laurence, Marie- Claude Morel and Unice Romain.

“There are numerous hard working individuals in this country who collectively possess an assortment of skills and years of experience. The wisdom and knowledge of these individuals are instrumental in taking Seychelles forward,” said the newly elected chairman. 

“As such we would welcome all Seychellois professionals who are driven by a patriotic sense of giving back to the community and invite them to join the Institute. The Equator Institute embodies a platform whereby these professionals can network and collectively contribute for the common purpose of working hard for our Seychelles.”

The organisation affirms that one of its objectives is for more professionals from all walks of life to become pro-active and outspoken in their contribution towards the development of Seychelles.

“Our country is increasingly displaying facets of becoming an academic society. Further, a plethora of expertise exists among professionals from all fields of work. This shows that there is diversity in the contributions that can be made by our professionals,” noted Mr Julie. 

On behalf of the new board of directors, Mr Julie has thanked the previous board members for their contribution thus far and commended them on their efforts to get the institute off the ground and counts on them to remain active within the association.

The chairman also acknowledged all the ordinary members who attended the last AGM.  
The institute is extending an invitation to all professionals who would like to become a member to contact the administrator on 2726400 or to visit its Facebook page.

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