NDEA reports more arrests, convictions and seizures


The dealers were arrested after drugs with a street value of up to half a million rupees were seized during the course of operations conducted during the recent days and nights.

“The seizures reflect the growing success of the NDEA strategy of targeting those who are involved in distributing and trafficking illegal drugs in several locations throughout the country,” says a communiqué from the NDEA.

These arrests bring the total number of traffickers and dealers arrested this year to twenty.

A further 326 persons have been arrested by the NDEA for lesser offences involving small amounts of illegal drugs bringing the total number of arrests this year to 346.

Meanwhile the courts have convicted an additional two persons following lengthy trials in the Supreme Court.  This brings the total number of traffickers sentenced this year to nine.

The most recent conviction occurred on June 8, 2012 before the Supreme Court when a 34-year-old farmer from Bougainville, Steve Hoareau, was convicted of drug trafficking seventy grams of cannabis, and sentenced to eight years in prison.

He was arrested on October 14, 2010 by the NDEA following a search at his home.  
Meanwhile Waven Leon, a 24-year-old farmer from Anse Boileau has been convicted of possessing five grams of cannabis and fined R5,000. He was arrested in September 2009 and was on bail awaiting his trial, which occurred on June 20 in the Magistrates Court.

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