Minister clarifies land and air transport issues


Minister Morgan during his meeting with members of the government assurance committee

Mr Morgan was answering to the National Assembly’s government assurance committee at its Ile du Port headquarters.

The committee is mandated to ensure that government follows through on assurances given in the National Assembly on projects it has to implement and seeks clarification on projects that are not meeting their deadlines.

The seven-member team also seeks more detailed information on any government projects if need be and visits project sites to see for themselves the progress made.

Mr Morgan on Monday answered questions on the Copolia road, the greater Victoria project, fire tenders for the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Agency, and also a leasing of two new aircraft for Air Seychelles.

Speaking about the new fire tenders for the fire and rescue agency, Mr Morgan said a tender has been put out for the building of two fire stations on Praslin and one on La Digue, and some fire tenders will be taken from Mahe and sent to Praslin.

Two new fire tenders will however be brought in for the Mahe stations, one this year and another one next year.

The committee’s chairperson, Sheryl Vangadasamy, said they are satisfied with the explanations and assurances given by Mr Morgan.

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