Alternative energy only months away


Prof Payet and his delegation inspecting work progress on Ile du PortEnvironment and Energy Minister Rolph Payet on Tuesday inspected progress on Ile du Port where foundation piles for the first three 90-metre high structures were being driven very deep into the ground.

He said once the windmills start feeding their power into the national grid, the country will save the foreign exchange now being used to import fuel, making the money available for other projects.

Technicians said the amount of power would have equated to 5% of the country’s needs, “but consumption has increased making the output equal to 3%”.

“Being so tall and heavy, and considering the force of the wind they will have to bear, their foundations have to be very strong hence they are so deep,” said Professor Payet, who promised frequent updates on the work’s progress.

Actual construction is expected to be completed in November leading to calibrations and testing before the official commissioning in February.

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