National tree-planting campaign-Over 300 trees planted on Desroches


Mr Commettant, Mr Wicuss, Desroches resort assistant general manager and ICS representatives satisfied after planting a Bwa Sousouri sapling

The workers on most of the IDC islands were mobilised recently to plant trees in order to sustain the beauty of the existing green environment of the outer islands. Desroches was no exception.

On June 4, IDC workers, Desroches Island Resort staff and some hotel guests along with Island Conservation Society (ICS) staff all gathered along the road leading up to the villas for some serious planting.

Seven species of trees were to be planted including Bwa Kasan, Bonnen Kare, Bwa Sousouri, Takamaka and Bodamyen, all natives to the island.

Everyone was eager to plant their own tree in the holes that had been prepared some days before by IDC workers. 

Over 60 people took part in this symbolic event which started at 7am before the heat set in on one of the most beautiful islands of the Seychelles archipelago.

IDC worker Josianne Mamode proud of her Bodamyen sapling

Three hundred trees were planted that day covering an area of 15,000 square metres. The trees were planted at random with no specific distance or pattern just as one would expect in a real forest.

“IDC believes that the outer islands is the flagship of the environment of Seychelles, and the balance between social development and conservation is vital,” says Thelma Pool, IDC’s PR and communications manager.

Desroches Island manager Alain Commettant, also very satisfied with the outcome of the activity, says that this tree-planting exercise will continue throughout the year.
At 394 hectares, Desroches is the largest island of the Amirantes group. It lies 230km southwest of Victoria.

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