NEP hospital thanks sponsors and partners


The nurse manager of the Regional Home for the Elderly, Isabelle Joubert, thanking all sponsors for their contributions

A well-known medical practitioner, several businessmen and businesswomen as well as ordinary citizens have recently given material and moral support to the Regional Home for the Elderly and the NEP hospital, thus uplifting the spirits of the patients and residents as well as boosting the institutions’ capabilities to offer better services to the public.

The medical practitioner, Dr Murthy and his wife, recently spent some time with the residents of the regional home. That was on the occasion of the doctor and his wife’s wedding anniversary.

They shared their wedding anniversary cake with the residents, followed by snacks and drinks.
A popular businessman in Victoria, Mr K.D. Pillay better known as Deenu, also recently spent time with the elderly, spoiling them with goodies and soft drinks. That was on the occasion of his birthday.

On New Year’s Eve 2011, the Mossack Fonseca Company (Seychelles Limited), an offshore business based in the Oliaji Trade Centre in Victoria, handed over goodies and gifts of toiletries to the 220 residents and patients of the Regional Home for the Elderly at North East Point.

The manager of Mossack Fonseca Company, Hélène Ernesta, handing over one of the fans to the nursing officer in charge of the NEP Hospital, Garcia-Bedoya

Many church groups have also supported the regional home and the hospital. One of them, a religious movement called Sainte Véronique, regularly visits the patients and residents, holding monthly religious services in the lobby of the home.

The Baie Lazare church family support group headed by Mr André Baronne has a planned calendar of activities based on spiritual values and actions of daily living.

And the Health Workers Christian Fellowship Group, a fervent movement, visits the NEP Hospital three times a month. It helps with the daily chores at the hospital.

A member of the Les Mamelles team giving a fresh coat of paint to one of the hospital’s room verandas

Vivienne Soundy from Bodco has also always been a constant and generous supporter at very short notice. On the occasion of this year’s Easter Sunday, she sponsored musical entertainment at the Regional Home for the Elderly.

And as part of activities to mark World Health Day 2012, Hélène Ernesta, manager of the Mossack Fonseca Company donated twelve wall fans to the NEP Hospital’s rehabilitation unit.

The event whose theme was “Good Health Adds Life To Years”, took place on April 14, 2012.
The donation of equipment came at an opportune time as they helped cool down the temperature, making life a little bit more comfortable for the patients during this very hot season.

At the same event, the Health Workers Christian Fellowship Group handed over 17 framed pictures and four standing fans to the NEP Hospital. The pictures depict the natural scenery of Seychelles, with spiritual and psychological messages.

Still at the Regional Home for the Elderly at North East Point, a group of volunteers from Les Mamelles comprising the district’s brigade team, the Senior Citizens Group, the District Youth Team, the veterans of Lepep group as well as the Lepep women’s group performed voluntary activities at the institution. Held on May 12, these activities included house-keeping, gardening, grooming and feeding among other events of daily living. The 40-strong group was headed by the elected member of the National Assembly for the Les Mamelles district, Emmanuel Fidéria.

The group of volunteers and staff who took part in activities at the home for the elderly

The Regional Home for the Elderly at North East Point says a big thank you to all other sponsors who prefer to remain anonymous.


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