Official launch of Career’s Week (July 9-13, 2012)-Students urged to take up careers in education, health


Mrs Mondon addressing the gathering at the official launch of Career’s Week 2012

Minister Macsuzy Mondon made the appeal yesterday morning during a ceremony to launch this year’s Career’s Week which is taking place under the theme ‘Wise Choices: Life Time Careers’.

Careers education teachers and students representing all schools and post-secondary institutions attended the ceremony held at the Seychelles Trading Company (STC) conference hall.

Also there were ministers, officials from the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development, employment agencies, parents, among other guests.

Addressing the gathering, Minister Mondon said we all have high expectations for the education of our children and for the quality of health care provided to our people. 

“However, to meet these high expectations, we need good teachers for our educational institutions and good nurses for our hospitals and health centres,” Mrs Mondon pointed out.

She said a look at the current situation in Seychelles makes one wonder who will teach our children or who will take care of us when we fall sick if our youths do not join the teaching and nursing professions.

Mrs Mondon added that for “those of us who can no longer aspire to step in and do it ourselves, the least we can do is to encourage our youth, to refrain from feeding them myths to put them off and to support them in their decisions to become teachers and nurses”.

In a message to the parents Mrs Mondon stressed that they have an obligation to guide their children and help them choose a career.

“But I strongly urge parents to avoid forcing a particular career on their children or choosing one for them.  As responsible parents, let us help and support our children to be what they want to be, instead of trying to live our dreams through them,” added Mrs Mondon.

She called on employers to be more responsive to the demands of institutions for work placements.
“It is in the workplace that students will get practical experience,” she said.

Mrs Mondon stressed that to get experience one must not only work but must also be given opportunities to develop in the workplace and be productive.

As for the students the minister called on them to make their studies their priority and be responsible students.

“You also need to adopt healthy lifestyles and stay away from bad influences. You have everything in place for you to get a good education. All we ask from you is your full commitment to your studies,” she told the students.

She called on them all to make the most of the numerous learning opportunities and facilities available for their personal growth and development.

Prior to Mrs Mondon’s address, Caroline Philoe, a secondary student from Praslin, led the guests and her fellow students through a reflection on the theme. 

She pointed out that children at a very young age start to think and talk about their career but added that at this very tender age this is something that should be nurtured by adults surrounding them.

A group of primary pupils from Bel Eau primary school displayed that very well in their different presentations of the different careers of their dream. 

Pupils displaying the different careers of their dream

The highlight of the launching ceremony was a forum where representatives of key partners from the Ministry of Education, an employment agency -- Job Plus Seychelles, the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development, a post-secondary institution – Seychelles Agricultural and Horticultural Training Centre (SAHTC), among others made a series of presentations after which the guests and students were free to ask questions and clarifications on employment possibilities, job requirements, training and selection to post-secondary institutions.
The discussions went on until late afternoon when the director general for schools Odile Octave made her concluding remarks.

Meanwhile the activities for Career’s Week continue today with open days in various workplaces and public speaking on this year’s theme.

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