Karting-Marc Delcy, Andrew Gabriel round five winners


In a fascinating final, Marc Delcy was put under intense pressure by his brother Roland for the entire 10-lap contest. Roland proved stronger in the hairpin bend while Marc controlled the remainder of the race. At times, Roland would get level with Marc as they exited the hairpin, but he did not have enough speed and space to make a move. In the end it looked like Roland would have to make a ‘kamikaze’-type move, but that being risky, he chose not to try it, but raced to the finish line where it almost needed a photo finish to decide the winner.

Behind the two Delcy brothers, another group battled it out. Damien Bonnelame held off Marvin Sophie for third place, while Redman Bonnelame finished fifth ahead of Peter Fred who was nursing a sore arm after the Endurance the week before. Dane Decormmarmond took the final place after being tangled in the middle of the race, dropping to last position.

Marc Delcy leads the table with 116 points followed by Peter Fred with 111, Dane Decommarmond with 83, Roland Delcy with 82, Damien Bonnelame with 71, Redman Bonnelame with 71 and Marvin Sophie with 60.

In the SF4 class, Andrew Gabriel took the win and his twin brother Yannick was the runner-up. Christian Port-Louis finished third.

It was a pretty straightforward race with Andrew Gabriel taking the lead from the start.

However it was Christian Port-Louis who had to fight off the challenge of Montel Kurz, whose kart suffered a sticking brake. Chan Decommarmond and Rennick Bonnelame followed them home.

Montel Kurz still leads the table with 113 points followed by Andrew Gabriel with 97, Chan Decommarmond with 88, Yannick Gabriel with 80, Rennick Bonnelame with 77, Christian Port-Louis with 75, Debra Melon with 61 and Mitra Labrosse with 51.

As the SFL class did not have the required number of entrants on the day, both Debra Mellon and Bernadette Mein ran in the SF4 class. Mein took the win with Mellon finishing second.

Races in the other classes – SF5 (Juniors), SF6 (Cadets) and SF1 – were called off due to rain.

The next event is the Mid-Season GP to be held on Sunday July 22 where all the classes will race on the same day.

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