HRDC hosts open day to help students choose careers


Students finding out more about career opportunities during the HRDC open day yesterday

The open day was held under the theme ‘Wise choices: life time careers’ and saw the participation of various groups of students, notably from the School of Advanced Level Studies (Sals) eager to find out more about various opportunities now available to them in various sectors.

Several HRDC officials were present to give information and advice on training avenues, including scholarships for the most sought after professions.

Francoise Mein, principal HRDC officer, said that law is presently one profession for which there is great demand, with the rapidly developing financial services.

Hotel management is another avenue, where students undergo three years training at the Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA) at La Misère, before pursuing advanced studies at Shannon College, Ireland.

Aviation pilot appears to be a favourite for boys, but Ms Mein explained that presently training opportunities are only available for military pilots after joining the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces (SPDF).

Training for commercial pilots is presently channeled through the Etihad Academy in Abu Dhabi.
Ms Mein also advised students that another area where there is much demand is social and community development, where trained people are required for counselling and other fields.

Health is one area where career opportunities are always huge -- as doctors or dentists, but also as physiotherapists, biomedical engineers or environmental health officers.

Education is another sector where there is always great demand and training opportunities are available locally and overseas.

There are also many training opportunities in the environment field. The local environment sector consists mainly of conservation, pollution control and waste management. By implication, those areas overlap with other sectors such as agriculture, construction, fisheries, as they seek to maintain a balance between  the flora/fauna and development so as to achieve sustainable development.

Scholarships are awarded for environmental engineering, meteorology, renewable energy engineering, marine biology and natural resources management.

Ms Agnes Constant, another senior HRDC officer, told students that those wishing to be considered for scholarships must sit for at least three subjects at Advanced Level.

She stressed that sitting and obtaining good grades for just two subjects is not good enough.
The aggregate obtained at A-Level exams must be a minimum 18 points.
This is based on the formula of A= 10; B=8; C=6 points.

 Students performing poorly in one or even two subjects may re-sit exams to ensure they make the grade for scholarships, at university level or other institutions.

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