Veteran star musicians to share stage in super-show



The show is being stage managed by the National Arts Council (Nac) whose chief executive, Jimmy Savy, told a press conference on Tuesday that this a joint effort with the artists involved and is aimed at giving more visibility to the arts.

The three artists performed together several weeks ago at Anse Royale in a show that was a success and it was there and then decided that another should be held in Victoria to a bigger audience and spread the “joie de vivre”, Mr Savy said.

Mr Savy said any profits from the sale of tickets, at R150 each, will be used to organise another event during the Arts Festival. He said the artists have to learn to sustain one another, instead of calling on sponsors each time they hold an activity.

He was backed by David Andre, who noted that during a recent evening out with his family he had seen coconut water offered for R90 a glass and beer R75.

He noted that for him the show will be a double occasion as it will mark his 40th anniversary as an artist. He said that the show will have everything “live” with no playbacks used.

“It will be entertainment and of course we all have a message to put across.”
He said that recently, too much music have been mechanical or technological, with the human side being sadly neglected.

Patrick Victor welcomed the initiative by Nac and said though each of the performing artists have different styles, they will be sharing the same stage and on several occasions play and sing together. He also promised some new compositions for the occasion.

Joe Samy said there is a pressing need for such shows and called on the youths to attend  what could be a learning experience. 

The artists dismissed suggestions that the show will amount to a déjà vu, saying they are out to make it as innovative as possible with some new numbers and surprises.


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