President Michel visits Beau Vallon-Vital cogs of economy recognised, encouraged


President James Michel said this when he visited Beau Vallon district yesterday and watched family members working productively in their bakery, and also listened to the plans of a brother and a sister who plan to encourage tourists to visit their uphill location for souvenirs, Creole food, medicinal plants and the spectacular view their site offers.

Mr Michel said such products can greatly help the country tap more foreign exchange and wished more of us would undertake similar ventures.

He also urged the Seychelles Tourism Board to identify people with such initiatives and support them.

Mr Michel was accompanied by the Minister for Environment and Energy Professor Rolph Payet, member of the National Assembly for Beau Vallon Mirena Souris, the principal secretary for presidential affairs Lise Bastienne, acting chief executive of the Seychelles Land Transport Agency Parinda Herath, district administrator Rachel Spiro, special advisor for community development Dan Frichot, director general for presidential affairs Doreen Arnephy and director of district projects for community development and sports Daniel Adeline.

The President held talks with the district’s representatives about the needs, progress and development for the districts’ communities before visiting several families and the small bakery, which is owned by Belina Victor.

The delegation also visited a proposed and much-awaited playing field and multi-purpose court at Pascal Village.

Mrs Souris welcomed the prospect of the area being turned into a playground saying the district badly needs one.

The delegation also visited the on-going project of the rock armouring along the coast of the Beau Vallon beach and further discussed how erosion effects can be mitigated as the area is redeveloped.

The delegation visiting the rock armouring project along the coast of Beau Vallon beach

Fish monger France Contoret said he was happy with the visit and proposed developments along the beach, noting it is not easy to work in the open as he does, but added he tries to keep the area as clean as he can.

The delegation talked about a redevelopment project for Beau Vallon along the coast in collaboration with the private sectors and were briefed on the first phase of a road at La Batie – known as Semen Souffe – and the district’s request for funding to finalise the second phase  of the project.

The road has been paved for the first 70 metres but is still earthen for the remaining 209 metres, which engineers on site said might be too steep to make motorable.

Mr Michel and his delegation ended their visit at Keven Contoret’s spice plantation.

Apart from the spices, the farmer grows a variety of vegetables, fruits and together with his sister Guiselle Conoret, make artisanal items.

It is Mr Contoret who has expressed the wish to turn his place into a tourist attraction where visitors will enjoy the nature and scenery of Beau Vallon through a proposed nature trail.

“The Seychelles Tourism Board should intensify its role through their Events and Product Diversification Unit to identify and help those entrepreneurs to market their business products and encourage such initiatives to empower small entrepreneurs and generate more revenue in the country,” said Michel.

He described his visit to Beau Vallon as satisfactory and noted that it is always better to be present on site, be closer to the people and to know hands-on what is happening.

He called on all members of the National Assembly to take their responsibility seriously as representatives of their districts and to stay connected with people in their communities.

Some of the families the delegation visited had a special word of appreciation for MNA Souris whom they said is working hard for her constituents.

Mrs Souris welcomed their gratitude and told Nation she is using the experience she gained while working with people for over 30 years as a nurse.

The accompanying photos show highlights of President Michel’s visit to Beau Vallon yesterday.



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