Career’s Week public speaking competition-Sals and Anse Royale secondary winners


This inter-school competition for secondary and post-secondary institutions was held under the theme: « Wise choices: Life time careers ».

It was organised by the Ministry of Education as part of activities to mark Career’s Week being celebrated from July 9-13.

Present at the event were members of the Career’s Week organising committee and that of the jury as well as students and teachers of the schools which were taking part in the competition.

Altogether seven schools reached the final where the students got the chance to express their opinions on career choices made by the youths.

They also spoke about the importance of making their own choices without being pressured by their parents and friends as well as several factors that make people move from one job to another.

In the secondary category the Anse Royale school with Maria Isnard (chairperson), Jessica Lawen (main speaker) and Kwantena Simara (proposer of the vote of thanks) came out in the first position.

Anse Royale secondary team in action

Jessica Lawen also won the best main speaker and Kwantena Simara the best proposer of the vote of thanks.

Ayesha Lavigne from the English River secondary was the best chairperson.
In the same category, English River came out second, Pointe Larue third and Plaisance secondary took the fourth position.

For the post-secondary category the Sals’ team was the best with Farah Esparon (chairperson), Estelle Montano (main speaker) and Nyssa Bonte (proposer of the vote of thanks).

The Sals team in action

These three students were also the best in the respective positions they played in their team.
For the same category the Seychelles Tourism Academy came out second and the National Institute of Health and Social Studies was third.

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