29 leaders graduate, boosting human resources strength


President Michel yesterday guest and graduates yesterdayPresident James Michel said this yesterday evening as 29 young leaders who have followed the SYLP graduated in a colourful ceremony at the International Conference Centre.

He said he was pleased to note that graduates from the programme are already assuming leadership roles in the public, private and political arenas.

“In the overall context of the country’s ongoing and future development, this cadre of future leaders, who have acquired new knowledge, skills and leadership training experiences, represent a significant addition of quality human resources to vital areas of our public and private sectors,” said Mr Michel.

“The progress already made by so many of these young leaders since their formal graduation from the programme is indeed gratifying, and a solid endorsement of the programme’s value.

“It augurs well for the ongoing and future development of the social, economic and cultural development of the country. It also testifies to the opportunities available to the youth of Seychelles and a constant reminder for them to make good use of the resources that we put at their disposal,” he said.

They were awarded masters degrees in Leadership and Strategy (MA) as Mr Michel – who is the chancellor of the University of Seychelles (UniSey) and initiator of the programme – presented them with SYLP awards.

Ms AthanasiusThe SYLP is run under the combined auspices of the University of Seychelles and the Institute of Public Administration (IPA), a college of the National University of Ireland.

Among others who took part in the ceremony were UniSey pro-vice-chancellor Lucy Athanasius and Dr John Nolan who presented the graduates with the MA degrees.

On behalf of the IPA Dr Nolan said the six IPA lecturers who were Ms Hotive delivering her vote of thanksinvolved in the MA degree programme were impressed by the standards achieved by the outgoing – second – cohort of SYLP students, and was particularly pleased that three of them got an overall award of 1st class honours. The MA Degree in Leadership and Strategy is positioned at Level 9, the penultimate level before doctoral level at 10, in the framework of the national qualifications authority of Ireland.

“As holders of this MA degree the graduates will have access at later stages in their careers to doctoral and post-doctoral studies at the most reputable universities throughout the world,” he said.

“What the programme signifies to me is that the achievement of a worthwhile objective – one that will add a new dimension to the young leader’s area of professional responsibility, that will make a significant contribution to the better welfare of others – requires self-sacrifice, a strong commitment to sustained hard work, often above and beyond the call of duty, and seeing challenging tasks through to completion, to the best of one’s ability.”

Ms Athanasius commended President Michel for his vision and commitment to give the young people of Seychelles opportunities to develop their leadership potential.

“Together with the first and third SYLP cohorts, you the graduates of the second cycle are the realisation of President Michel’s vision to develop a reserve of future leaders prepared with the necessary tools to lead our country forward,” she said.

She said the graduates’ parents, spouses, family and friends have every reason to be proud because the graduates emerged from the ceremony as future young leaders.Dr Nolan

She noted their graduation marked their successful completion of the local leadership training programme of Unisey which included lectures in leadership training, key aspects of the Seychelles culture, economy and legislation, as well as district and overseas attachment experiences.

In her vote of thanks, graduate Doreen Hotive expressed the graduates’ “deepest appreciation to Mr Michel who founded the programme.

“Mr President, you had a bold vision for us young, but motivated, Seychellois. You had confidence in us. You believed in us, and saw our potential to become the future leaders of our country,” she said.

“We are proud that we have followed through and successfully achieved the leadership potential you envisioned for us,” she said, appreciating what the government has done.

She also thanked the IPA for turning Mr Michel’s vision into reality, Dr Nolan, for the personalised attention he and his IPA colleagues gave them as well as family members for their understanding, encouragement, love and support.

The graduates in a souvenir photograph with President Michel, Dr Nolan, Ms Athanasius and Prof Rolph Payet, the UniSey’s vice-chancellor

Among the graduates was National Information Services Agency’s assistant director Gerard Govinden, who is the assistant to this newspaper’s chief editor.

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