Anse aux Pins by-election dates set


August 10 will be the main election day at Anse aux Pins while voters on the other islands will cast their ballots on August 8 and 9.

The by-election has been called to fill the vacancy left when former MNA Dr Jhowla Manoo resigned earlier this week.

The commission named Tuesday July 17 as the nomination day, when candidates will present their papers and other requirements to the electoral body.

Nomination papers will be received by the chairman between 9am and 12 noon at the Mont Fleuri office of the commission suite 203, Aarti Chambers.

“Candidates must submit their respective nomination paper supported by a nomination form, a list of 50 supporters, two passport size colour photographs – including a digital copy, the candidate’s party symbol or in the case of an independent candidate the colour adopted by that candidate, including a digital copy,” said Mr Gappy.

“There must also be a certificate from an officer of the respective political party authorising the candidate to act on behalf of that party, and a certificate from the chairman of the electoral commission to the effect that the candidate has satisfied the requirement to provide security for R1,500.”

“The chairman of the electoral commission will be available at the electoral office on that date between 9am and noon to receive the required security and to issue certificates to the candidates accordingly,” he said.

Jenny Adrienne is the chief registration officer and Charles Morin has been appointed chief electoral officer for the forthcoming by-election,” said Mr Gappy, who added the cost of the election has not yet been established.

Ballot papers will be printed overseas, he said, “because the electoral reforms to change this have not been completed yet”.

He said the review committee forum’s meetings will be suspended because of the election but it will continue working so as not to fall behind schedule.

There will be local observers but time will not allow for foreign observers because of the little time there is before the by-election which the law says must be held within 30 days, which expire during the week so the election could not have been planned to take place during a weekend, as the commission wanted to allow the most time without going beyond the legal deadline.

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